Realtor Security Alert

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SIRA received a notice about the following activity this morning and we are passing it along to you.SIRA received a notice about the following activity this morning and we are passing it along to you.
A Louisville agent (Cathy Miller) received a phone call twice in the past 2 - 3 days from someone claiming to be Jessica Smith.   The phone number is (502) 609-2014.   The caller sounds like a male trying to make his voice sound like a female.
An agent from another brokerage states someone from this number, who sounded the same, called her but gave a different name last week.
The person wanted Cathy to meet them at a property downtown.  She told them she would be happy to meet them at the office on Friday.  They stammered and said they could meet at 4:30 at the office.   She said she could not meet then and let's look at something next week.  She / he said fine.
The name that comes up for this number is Roger Robinson of Jefferson county.
Since Cathy posted this, numerous other agents have stated they have gotten the same calls. The calls are usually in the evening. One agent got a call at 9:21. She said it sounded like the caller was asking to come to her house.
Another agent got a call from that number, but the caller said their name was Elizabeth London.    They stated they were looking for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house in downtown Louisville or New Albany.   Agent said she had troubling understanding their speech pattern, but it definitely sounded like a man pretending to be a woman.
Another agent (Lisa Phillips) also received a call.    
Cathy stated she received another call last night.  This time they used the name Elizabeth.     Another agent just read Cathy's post, and said she also got a call, but didn't answer.   Yet, another agent said they received a call from that number Saturday night at  7:00 p.m.        
Strange thing though,  it appeared it was just agents receiving the calls, until Brooke Brooks  (CB staff) also received 2 calls from that number.  Once Saturday night at 10 p.m. and then last night at 10:12 p.m.   She didn't answer.    
This is been reported to GLAR  and SIRA and a police report will be filed as well.